Alutex Cape Cod Retractable Awnings in Greater Pittsburgh, PA

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Lateral Arms – Cape Cod

Cape Cod has been designed to satisfy the most demanding market and bring together the features of a classical lateral arm with the most advanced technology by offering a compact protection to its fabric when totally retracted without the inconvenience of winter storage.

Available in three standard colors white, cream and brown, or in any color on demand, Cape Cod dresses perfectly with any selection of colorful fabrics, and offers a sophisticated and elegant design to enhance the beauty of any house.

Ideal to protect its fabric when totally retracted, Cape Cod seals within its glossy and elegant shell leaving an attractive sleek frame a few inches from the wall.

When fully extended, Cape Cod offers all the features of any classical retractable awning. Extend your outdoor area on command and protects you and your family from the direct effects of the UV sun rays.

capecod retractable awning

capecod retractable awning in many colors

Product Features
  • Width Range : 7’ to 23’ (1/4” increment)
  • Projection Range : 4’3”,5’4”,6’1”,8’7”,10’2”,12’,13”, 14”
  • Side dimension w/Hood : N/A
  • Side size w/out Hood : 9” H x 9” W
  • Hood : N/A
  • Hood Shape : N/A
  • Opening Control : Manual Gear or Motorized
  • Installation Option : Wall, Soffit, Roof Mounted
  • Bracket Size : 5 1/2” H x 2 3/8” W x 4 3/4”
  • Standard Pitch Control : Bolt Lock System
  • Crank Pitch Control : Yes (Optional)
  • Drop Down Valance : Yes (Optional)
  • Fabric Option : Over 300 acrylic patterns
  • Leg Kit : Optional
  • Standard Frame Color : White, Brown, Cream
  • Custom Frame Color : Any (on request)
  • Frame Warranty : 10 Years