Alutext Awning Systems in Greater Pittsburgh, PA

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ALUTEX® is one of the most creative North American manufacturers of retractable awnings today on the market. ALUTEX® background was formed in Europe, where awnings were persistently conquering the attention of the public since the early ‘50s. Using light-weight aluminum instead of heavy iron and acrylic fabric, instead of perishable cotton, this innovative retractable awnings company quickly established itself in the American market.
Sun Shaders is proud to offer Alutex awnings to the Greater Pittsburgh, PA area. We offer a variety of Alutex’s Retractable Awnings, Window Awnings and Patio Awnings.

Alutex Retractable Awnings

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Alutex Window Awnings

alutex window awning pittsburgh pa dealer

Alutex Patio Awnings

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