About Us

Give us the chance to help you and we will do so by educating you, not selling you. If you want to haggle back and forth over pricing, you have entered the wrong website. We treat all customers fairly and equally and we have established uniform pricing for all customers. We will give you our best price as the first and only price. If you like it and choose to do business with us, we thank you. If you choose not to do business with us for whatever reason, then we will part having had a pleasant experience. You can be confident that someone else wasn’t a better negotiator and received a better price than you.

Here are some questions that you should ask.

* What is the difference between motorized and manual?
* What effect does the weather have on the awning?
* How long will the awning last?
* Which awning is best?
* Do I need installers?
* Should I get vinyl or fabric, stitched or welded?
* Can I finance the awning?